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Networking is the cornerstone of a successful job search campaign. It is the on-going process of building and maintaining relationships with people who have the expertise and knowledge you want and need and reciprocating their help with information that is useful to them.

Career Solvers can coach you through the networking process and show you how to leverage existing and new relationships to accelerate your job search.

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Social Media Coaching

Unsure how to leverage sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to get noticed by decision makers and source job leads? Career Solvers can teach you how to data mine social media and online identity sites to find and connect with the right contacts in the least amount of time.

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Interview Preparation

Explore potential interview questions, learn how to navigate the “land mines,” and receive guidance from a professional recruiter and career coach who can help you prepare powerful responses. Interview taping with feedback and edited DVD also available for an additional fee.

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Salary Negotiation

Learn how and when to discuss your salary and discover strategies for maximizing your next compensation package.
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Career Exploration & Career Change

Unhappy in your current career and considering a change? Career change can be challenging on many fronts. Landing a job in a new career generally takes more time than landing one in a linear career path. Career Solvers can help you uncover whether a career change is right for you and help you search strategically and eliminate the most common career change mistakes. We combine introspective conversation and exercises with behavioral assessment tools to help guide you through the career change process and create an actionable plan.

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and weaknesses and use this information to develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

Gain a better understanding of your behavioral style through the online DISC assessment tool and receive your results within the same day. DISC is the most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million people to improve lives, relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication.


The profile measures four dimensions of normal behavior:

– How you respond to problems and challenges

– How you influence others to your point of view

– How you respond to the pace of the environment

– How you respond to rules and procedures set by others


The report provides you with information and insights regarding:

– Your preferred work environment

– Adapted and natural behavior

– Key strengths and tendencies

– Recommendations for improving effectiveness

– Preferred communication styles


Insights into a person’s behavioral style can help identify appropriate career paths. The results highlight specific talents you bring to a job. Success and job satisfaction come easier when there is a close match between the job criteria and the natural behavior style. Report information can be used to properly prepare you for future interviews and determine your fit within a certain organization.

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Professional Image Consulting Services

Did you know it takes just seven seconds for someone to form a lasting impression of you? But it’s easy to learn how to convey a younger, healthier, more vibrant impression. A professional image consultant can teach you how to create powerful overt and subliminal messages with your clothing, colors, grooming, style choices, and body language. A professional image consultant can give you the tools you need to avoid making mistakes in initial impressions that can cost you the job.

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Group Workshops (at our NYC offices)

Happy About My Resume

Many great job candidates have poor resumes that are merely a laundry list of job tasks that do little to distinguish them from their competition. Most people’s resumes fail to “wow” the reader and quickly end up in the “no” pile.

Writing a resume can feel like an overwhelming task. It can seem like a Herculean effort to consolidate so much important information about a career into a one or two page document. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Learn 50 tips for creating compelling copy and presenting it in a powerful way to grab the hiring authority’s attention and get them to pick up the phone to call you in for an interview. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of our book “Happy About My Resume: 50 Tips for Building a Better Document to Secure a Brighter Future.”


How to Interview Like a Pro, 1 hour
Do you freeze up or stumble during interviews? Or perhaps it’s been a long time since your last interview and you are not sure if you are prepared or are in touch with the latest interview styles and techniques. During this one hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn strategies for determining the meaning behind the questions you are asked and formulating compelling answers that set you apart from the crowd.
  • Discover the two top interview questions and methods for answering them briefly and effectively.
  • Review methods for answering the popular situational and behavior-based questions.
  • Uncover strategies for answering difficult interview questions about mistakes and weaknesses.

Resumes That Pass the Hiring Manager’s 30 Second Test, 1 hour
Did you know that the average hiring manager spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a candidate’s resume? They don’t really read the document; they scan it for keywords, competencies, and achievement-based content that quickly showcases how a candidate can add value to an organization. Does your current resume pass the 30-second test? Join us to find out. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of our book “Happy About My Resume: 50 Tips for Building a Better Document to Secure a Brighter Future.”

During this webinar participants will discover:

  • Methods for incorporating on-message keywords into the resume.
  • Exciting and compelling strategies for highlighting your core brand.
  • How to write accomplishment-driven, powerful content that gets noticed by hiring managers.

Negotiation Strategies, 1 hour
Many job seekers are uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating their employment package. They associate negotiation with aggressive behaviors and often fear they will jeopardize their candidacy by attempting to negotiate their package. But savvy job seekers know that the negotiation is an integral part of the interview process and that almost anything is negotiable if it is presented as a fair and reasonable accommodation. During this webinar participants will learn:

  • How to change the negative perceptions of the negotiation process and how to gain confidence in your negotiation strategy.
  • Strategies to make the negotiation conversation more productive and more lucrative.
  • Different items to negotiate as part of your employment package.
  • Various communication techniques for increasing your bargaining power during the negotiation.
  • How to leverage these same techniques when negotiating a raise or promotion.

Networking Strategies for the 21st Century, 1 hour
Whether you’re a schmoozer extraordinaire or a networking newbie, be prepared to reinvent yourself into a lean, mean 24/7 networking machine. During this presentation, tried and true networking strategies will be discussed in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies to help you optimize your networking hours, expand your personal brand’s reach, and accelerate your job search. During this webinar participants will discover how to:

  • Leverage social networking software tools to find job leads.
  • Data-mine activities in geographic and industry communities to build your network.
  • Uncover affinity groups that can provide an entree or expansion into a professional niche.

Leveraging Online and Print Resources to Find Hidden Job Leads, 1 hour
There’s a wealth of free and low-cost job relevant information available to job seekers that can be used to improve the efficiency of a search and potentially secure a new job faster. During this webinar, participants will learn what research and job information tools are available both online and off and how to incorporate these tools into their search strategy. More specifically participants will:

  • Uncover aggregate and niche boards to maximize efficiencies when posting online.
  • Discover techniques for sourcing contact information on key decision makers in multiple industries.
  • Find out what job search tools are available in the reference section of the local library.
  • Learn ways to find industry relevant magazines and reports.

LinkedIn for Job Search, 1 hour
100M+ strong and growing, LinkedIn is one of the hottest online business networking technologies out there. In order to compete in today’s job market, candidates need to have a strong, branded online identity. LinkedIn is one of the fastest ways to brand yourself professionally online. In this one hour presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Set up and manage your LinkedIn account.
  • Develop a robust branded online profile.
  • Increase your online connections authentically and organically.
  • Leverage the groups, answers, and job posting features.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Maximum Impact, 30 minutes

  • Learn how to capture the reader’s attention in the first sentence.
  • Review techniques for matching your qualifications to the job you are applying for.
  • Discover design strategies to make your cover letter easy to read and professional.

Career Management Portal Training (Free)
Our proprietary career management tool allows you to keep track of all the information you collect during a job search. Track the companies that you apply to. Track each job that you apply for and log the status of each job. Store multiple versions of your resume and cover letter, and create a database of your networking contacts. Get your questions answered on how to optimize the portal and manage your job search more efficiently. Click here to view training dates and register.